I used to write in my blog everyday, but I didn’t write anything yesterday. I was so tired last night. In Grammar and Writing I have some homework, I spent a lot of time on it because I always try to do my best. I think there is no short cut but hard work to learn a foreign language. I realized that studying abroad is not easy at all.
I was unhappy because I changed my schedule yesterday but today they changed it again. I knew where my old classrooms were, so I didn’t bring the map with me. I couldn’t find my new classes. If they e-mail me my new schedule before I go to class, I won’t get that mad. Today was a bad day, but tomorrow is the weekend. I hope after these tragedies, I can get through it and have a nice weekend.

The weather was really nice, just like the summers in Taipei. I started to miss my home town. I had the chance to visit Theo’s chocolate factory today. I think I was really lucky because only 10 people could visit. Theo’s chocolate factory is quite different from others for many reasons. First, they use all organic materials to make chocolates such as organic cacao, organic milk powder and organic sugar. Second, they make chocolates by themselves instead of melting and then remolding it. Third, they buy cacao from fair trade which is organic and high quality. Their chocolates are expensive, but they have a lot of samples in the store. I tasted many kinds of chocolates there, and I loved it. My sisters love chocolate more than me, so I decided to buy some chocolates for them. From the above, Theo’s chocolate factory is really special and every tourist should try it.

Attending American local activities is a good way to experience American culture for several reasons. For example, I went to the gay parade today, it was really awesome. In fact, Seattle has the second largest homosexual population in the U.S.. I have never seen that kind of parade before, most of the people in Taiwan regard homosexual issues as taboo. During the parade, there were lots of gays. They didn’t feel shame when telling others they are gay. I saw a man riding a motorcycle with his mother, there was a slogan on his motorcycle “I love my son”. Also, I saw many special costumes and spectators. I can see that people in Seattle show high respect for homosexuals. In conclusion, attending American local activities are not only good experiences but also fun.
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