Today we went to Mark's place.
It's a kind of holiday for me.
I realized that NYC is so huge.
It's impossible to travel around NYC, even if only Manhattan.

I just took a rest today and enjoyed the big family reunion in Mark's.
Everyone brought a lot of food, it was hard for us to eat them all.
we have 5 generations here,the senior is a grandmother already.
Then my uncle's generation, they are retired and enjoyed their lives and achievments.
After that, their children's generation, they are still working and trying to make life better.
Then me, the only person who is still studying in school, and don't know what to do in the future.
The last generation is my cousin's children, they are just going to attend elementary school.

They asked me if I want to go Manhattan in the evening, I decided no.
I need to relax, eventhough I knew I have not enough time to visit all the places I want to go.
By the way, I need some time to think about what I've done here.

New york's weather is cloudy these days, there are always clouds near the horizon.
I miss the clean blue sky in Seattle, and rains in the morning.
In UW, I could smell the rain, smell the grass.
In NY, I saw dirty streets, unfriendly people.
The streets are often smelly, and I didn't enjoy the hot, humid subway at all.

Not denial, NYC is one of the most powerful and wealthy cities in the United States.
In those antique and elegant buildings, elites from all over the world work there.
Although NYC is a business city, its art is also very popular.
We can see public art every where, they have the biggest art museum in NYC as well.

I think this is what Taipei need, government have to do something to make Taipei a better place to live.
Maybe Taipei is cleaner then NYC, and roads are better too.

We'd better not to use our own thoughts to judge a person or thing.
Sometimes we just knew too little, it's not enough to make conclusions.

I remember I said that Taiwan isn't good, they can't even build flat roads. I was wrong.
A huge, well developed city like NYC, they can't either.

The major of NYC only take one dollar a year, he donates the rest of the money to NYC.
However, the budget is always not enough.
For example,if they get 1 inch snow in the winter, they have to spend a million to clean them.
The money included the extra workers they hired, the overtime pay, and gasoline, among others.

There are always problems waiting to be solved.
I wish I could find the right field to study, and the career I love.
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